Alchemic Art is pleased to present original works by JONHOMER

Lucid | Fractal | Modulis |

Lucid | In this series JONHOMER combines vivid color with semi transparent layers, filtered and compressed in a highly stylized creation of smooth shapes. His use of embedded patterns offers a diverse appeal between the colors and the forms within each piece. The use of semi-transparent layers of color, one upon the other, expose and conceal the artist's decisions made, changed, and remade. Selected Works consists of 20 pieces

Fractal | This series combines an edgy mosaic approach of using bordered, variant colors, side by side, some symmetrical and others broken and uneven, competing for space within the confines of each work of art. New renderings of some of his early work compliment 16 new pieces. Once more, we see his use of patterns creating a larger focal point from the sum of their parts.

Modulis | Consists of various works presented in multiples of two, three and four panelcombinations for veritacal, horizontal and quad arrangements. This series is renowned for it's large format combinations that create 60x60 final images on a grand scale. These presentations offer a restricted focus of the intricate framework, blended color and enhanced dimension.

Many of the works in the Fractal and Lucid series have been developed in a 30"Square format.

Works of art byJONHOMER are protected by copyright and may not be
reproduced without the express written authorization of JONHOMER or his
copyright representative, Alchemic Art, El Cerrito, CA.
©2004 Alchemic Art / El Cerrito, CA.